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EFW Grants for 2010= $33,000


Smarter Instruction Driven by Student Feedback
Jefferson Elementary
Matt Honigman and Mary Butkus

Formative assessment is a critical component of any successful lesson. This grant will allow for the purchase of formative assessment tools, such as computer software, that will help teachers improve their performance and directly impact student learning.

Integrated Skills Support for Struggling Readers. The Scholastic Action Book Collection Lexile Library
Longfellow Middle School
Kelly Kolo and Dena Milard

This program will provide students with a collection of high interest, level appropriate reading materials that will build interest and reading skills connected with content areas that are aligned with district curriculum.

PLATO Math Skills Intervention
Longfellow Middle School
Kelly Kolo and Dena Milard

The goal of this program is to provide students with an individualized, data driven math intervention program that will build interest and math skills aligned with district curriculum and individualized to meet intervention needs for all students.

Books Are Fun
Wilson/Tosa School of Health Science and Technology
Emily Fernandez

The Books Are Fun program’s goal is to encourage literacy development at an early age. The program will implement a group targeting early literacy and enthusiasm for reading, instill a passion for reading, promote listening skills and provide an opportunity for students to discuss stories in order to develop comprehension and verbal skills.

Reading Beyond: Jefferson’s Intermediate Grade Book Club
Mary Butkus and Carol Czajkowski

This grant will help meet the needs of high ability and gifted readers with books that will keep them excited about reading and guide their excitement to their peers. The grant will tie into the Treasures program and support the district’s reading philosophy.

Reach for the Sky
East High School
Teri Kandel and John Simon

$10,000 will be installing an outdoor ropes course at East to add to the physical education offerings. The course will have removable challenge elements. Adding a high ropes outdoor challenge course to the physical education offerings falls directly in line with several of the Wauwatosa physical education standards and benchmarks.

Listen to This!
Lincoln Elementary
Tom Smith

“Listen to This!” will provide digital voice recorders for use during reading instruction to help improve students’ reading fluency. The digital voice recorders will provide students with an ongoing ability to record themselves reading. After listening to the recording, students will be able to learn about their pace, expression, their use of punctuation and their voice inflection. The teacher can then coach toward improving students’ reading fluency.

Tapping the Treasure Troves – Making Connections with Collections That Enhance the Treasures Reading Program
Underwood Elementary
Corinne Meyer

The funds from this grant will help develop a collection of literature and student materials that tap into the already established Treasures reading program curriculum. With this grant, the new collection of children’s literature and instructional materials will coordinate with weekly themes and units that are part of the district’s new elementary reading curriculum.

Art and Writing: A Masterpiece of an Idea
Washington Elementary
Donna Koeble and Jeanne Bril

“Art and Writing: A Masterpiece of an Idea” program is designed to stimulate creative writing by using pieces of art. Artwork will be chosen based on specific multi-cultural stories from the Treasures reading program. The stories and artwork will be used as a springboard to create several different writing pieces incorporating different types of writing genre.

Differentiate Your Way to Improved Literacy
West High School
Stephanie Smith and Rebecca Kirchman

Special education teachers experience the need for differentiated lessons both when they co-teach a class and within their own classes. Further training and materials will help teachers raise their students’ literacy achievement to new levels. This grant will help fund proper training and resources that will make a difference in the teacher’s abilities to implement differentiation and improve students’ literacy.

Let’s Play!
Washington Elementary
Suzanne Graber

Using playground chants, jump rope rhymes, clapping, jumping, bouncing balls and moving to rhythms of chants and songs, students will learn music concepts such as how to echo and imitate rhythmic patterns, sing melodic patterns, identify and demonstrate a steady beat and experience the connection between music, other cultures and disciplines.

EVERYBODY’S DOING IT: Using Social Norms to Influence Risky Behavior
East High School
Sonja Nelson

This program will provide a universal intervention to help students demonstrate effective decision-making, problem-solving and goal-setting skills, and help students understand and use safety and wellness skills.

FOX 6 SMART Weather Net Site
McKinley Elementary
Cathy Meyer and Mary Staples

With funds from this grant, a Fox 6 Milwaukee SMART Weather Net station will be installed on the roof of McKinley Elementary. Once installed, McKinley will become a SMART Weather Net site which sends weather information directly to Fox 6 television and is displayed during Fox 6 weather reports. The data will also be available for viewing and use in the classroom via the Internet.

Jump Into Broadcast Journalism
East and West High Schools and Fisher Building
Christopher Lazarski and Elaina Meier

This grant will help in the development of an extracurricular broadcast journalism program at each high school. The grant will fund the establishment of a 15-week introductory course to train students from East and West high schools with an introduction to all concepts related to producing broadcast journalism. The intensive instruction provided in this course will allow students to return to their schools with the training necessary to start an independent program.

Improving and Measuring Student Learning with SMART Response PE
Eisenhower Elementary
Sarah Sallmann and Michelle Muellen

“Improving and Measuring Student Learning with SMART Response PE” will improve student learning in all subject areas, grades 1-5, by integrating state-of-the-art technology with current best practice in the classroom. The goal is to promote student participation, engagement and understanding of skills and concepts while simultaneously providing the teacher with immediate, accurate data about student learning by using SMART Response PE handheld wireless remotes in coordination with existing SMART technologies in the classroom.

Together Everyone Achieves More! Promoting Problem-Solving and Positive School Climate Through Teambuilding
Underwood Elementary
Emilie O’Connor and Jodi Viera

This grant will help fund activities that will help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for academic and personal success and thus, a positive school climate and culture.


















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