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EFW Grants for 2011= $31,004


Bountiful Book Fairy Books

Linda Landis-Wilson Elementary-$750.00

Parents will volunteer to visit the kindergarten classroom and a book fairy book will be pulled out of the special bag. The visiting parent will read the book to the class. The class will discuss the book and participate in projects, activities or games to reinforce the skill or content area associated with the book. Additional home backpacks will be designed to promote literacy, writing and comprehension at home.

Bringing Multimedia to the Classroom

Jamie Price-All elementary school buildings-$9000.00

This grant will supply each elementary building with a rolling mobile movie and multimedia studio. Equipment included in the cart includes: a Mac book Pro, Camcorder, digital camera, microphone, external hard drive and book. Students will be able to utilize the cart while in their classroom, on field trips and school wide events. The students will be able to participate in a variety of activities such as digital storytelling.


Contemporary World Issues: A Journalistic Approach

Christopher Lazarski-Wauwatosa West HS-$2,262.00

Students enrolled in Contemporary World Problems and Global Studies will be trained as journalists and participate in the Millennium Development Goals Reporting Lab project sponsored by iEARN. PBS Newshour and UNICEF. Students will use their training to investigate world problems.


Improving Listening and Speaking Proficiency in World Languages Through the Use of Digital

Margaret Patris-Wauwatosa West HS and Colleen Dardis-Wauwatosa East HS-$1,800.00

This grant will allow the schools to purchase Koss SB-45 communication stereo phones to be used in the school computer labs. Students will be able to hear and record their responses. This will allow students to listen to authentic audio sources and respond to the appropriately.


Kindergarten Pirates: Hunting Treasures Vocabulary through Dramatic Play

Jennifer Kannass and El Gonzalez-Dobbe-Washington Elementary-$1,003.00

The grant will build vocabulary and dramatic play skills of the junior and senior kindergarten students by providing classroom materials that enhance concepts and themes introduced through the Macmillan/
McGraw-Hill Treasure program.


Reading in a Digital Age

Joan Boyce and Jane Storts-Whitman MS- Terry Brennan- Longfellow MS -$5000.00

This grant will allow the purchase of digital readers to be used by struggling students at both middle schools. By using technology which fascinates the students and increases their time spent on independent reading.


Reaching for the Stars: Challenging Our Higher Level Readers

Jennifer Engel and Allison Urban-Longfellow MS-$2000.00

All students identified as higher level readers in the 6th grade will have opportunities to access higher level books in the classroom. Students will have time to do high level questioning strategies and book chats.


Student Managed Art Gallery

Jessica Belich-Wauwatosa West HS-$5000.00

Students in the National Art Honor Society will work in the gallery, which will be in the school library, as they plan the advertising, set-up and displays in the gallery. All students will be eligible to apply for gallery space.

Support “r” Reading (with rBook)

Peg Grafwallner-Wauwatosa West HS and Pat Gilbert Wauwatosa East and West HS-$2,308.00

The high interest materials provided through the rBook Teaching System will provide students an opportunity to increase comprehension skills, develop the ability to independently apply reading strategies to content area textbooks, enlarge their academic vocabulary, and as a result enhance their self-confidence in reading. Increased motivation to read classroom text as well as reading for enjoyment is an additional outcome for students participating in this grant.

Ukulele for General Music Class

Peggy Paar- Roosevelt Elementary-$1,881.00

Learning to play the ukulele will provide another tool in the elementary music curriculum. The students will learn theory as they master melodies and chords.


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