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EFW Grants for 2012= $36,187


What in the World Can Wauwatosa Students Discover?

Jennifer Engel and Cody Hedrick - Longfellow Middle School: $850.00

Grant will purchase games to be used in enrichment period. These games will allow our students a hands-on opportunity to explore geography and become more familiar with the world and capitals around them. Our goal with these games is for students to learn where countries are and how these countries can interact with each other.

Lovin' Learning Laptops

Linda Landis - Lincoln Elementary: $725.00

Grant is to be utilized predominately during small group centers.  Students would use the laptops for math and literacy. Games chosen for the laptop would supplement the kindergarten curriculum.


Get REAL (REading and Enrichment Activities for Learning) with Junior Great Books

Jeanne Paulus - All Elementary Schools: $1,625.00

Junior Great Books materials provide students with in-depth reading, critical thinking, writing and creative activities. Classroom teachers, Reading Specialists, District Teacher Leaders, and parents from all elementary schools will be able to access these materials in order to provide extension and enrichment opportunities in English Language Arts to small groups of fourth and fifth grade students.


Picture This: Using Visualizing Skills to Improve Reading Comprehension of Middle School Students

Peggy Hamby - Whitman Middle School: $551.00

This project will teach students a new skill that more closely matches an adolescent’s ability to "think" about their thinking as a way to improve their reading skills. Once it is taught, it is an easily transferable concept that will have great carryover into the regular education environment.


Creative Problem-solving Using Simple Machines

Michele Schmidt - Longfellow Middle School: $1,118.00

This grant will use Newton's Laws of Motion, balance and unbalanced forces to demonstrate concepts and solve problems. Students will identify the simple machines that make up a compound machine. They will use simple and compound machines to solve differentiated problems.


Career Books

Lisa Rierdon - All Elementary School: $900.00

Through the use of career books the counseling staff will be able to differentiate lessons, connect with students while instructing them on career pathways and support the district literacy goal.


Mobile Microscope Cart with Cordless Microscopes

Sarah Lichey - Longfellow Middle School: $5,769.00

Having these microscopes will improve the quality of student's learning by giving them greater mobility in labs.  It will also allow a greater population of students access to microscopes.

Wauwatosa WILD Project

Michael Heun - Wauwatosa STEM: $2,700.00

This project improves teaching and learning as it pushes thinking and allows students to problem solve a real problem: a failing retention wall. The outcome is an outdoor learning environment that would be created in the area surrounding the rebuilt creek beds.  The classroom would be zoned into 5 learning zones and allow for plant study, observation, scientific learning and pond study.

Portable Wind Tunnel, Part of the Discovery Lab

William Anderson and Jerry Merz - East/West High Schools and Longfellow/Whitman Middle Schools: $5,000.00

The wind tunnel will be equipped with a laptop and have embedded electronic sensors to collect real-time data. This information would be collected by students and used for analysis for their model designs.


Voracious Readers Dig Vocabulary!

Carrie Streiff-Stuessy and Donna Koeble - Washington Elementary School: $1,000.00

In elementary classrooms teachers use Literature Circles as a means of introducing students to literature that enriches their understanding of the world through new concepts. These additional books will enable teachers to implement new vocabulary, additional genres and multi-cultural themes.


Dramatic Writing Through Play Centers

Linda Forbord and Betsy Heun - Underwood Elementary: $1,213.00

Students in junior kindergarten will participate in integrated dramatic play centers in order to advance their writing skills. Through the use of motivating and fun prop boxes, students will increase their knowledge of the writing process and the letter/sound system comprising our language.


Changing Tosa Readers One Battle at a Time

Katherine Wilkes - Eisenhower Elementary School and Sandi Owens - Roosevelt Elementary School: $2,500.00

This grant will enable teachers at Eisenhower and Roosevelt to increase the titles used in their "Battle of the Books" competitions.


Kindergarten Word-builders; Giving Students the Tools to Develop their Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

Eleuteria Gonzales-Dobbe and Jennifer Kannass - Washington Elementary: $1,271.00

By using the Bear Primary Spelling Inventory the students will receive differentiated instruction based on their  scores. The students will work in word work groups.


Apps for AP Psychology

Nicole Vitrano - East High School and Andy Zietlow - West High School: $2,828.00

These apps will allow all of our students to be actively engaged in the learning process. Many of the experiments we use in class involve a few students. The apps are interactive, so all students have the experience of being an active participant in class. Even the hesitant students can participate without feeling any embarrassment.


Treasure the Partnership Between School and Home: Strengthening Reading Comprehension Together

Angie Kolanko and Lynn Misirian - Madison Elementary School: $3,261.00

Opportunities for parents to learn about and reinforce reading comprehension skills and strategies at home through an informative literacy night and the creation of a parent take-home library collection, complete with a parent resource guide for each book. A matching set of leveled classroom library books will offer the opportunity for teachers to further differentiate the teaching of reading comprehension skills and strategies at school.


Collaboration Through "SMART" Interaction

Sarah Sallmann and Michele Mushall - Eisenhower Elementary School: $4,879.00

The SMART Table allows groups of up to 8 students to work collaboratively by interacting with the multi-touch surface at the same time. By using the SMART Table students will discuss and build consensus through digital lessons, educational games and interactive learning activities. 


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