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EFW Grants for 2014= $36,620

100 Miles to a Healthier Student

Katherine Wilkes and Matt Schimenz - Eisenhower Elementary: $2,323

Funding will be used to provide Eisenhower Elementary students with an easy, fun, and safe way to add physical fitness into their daily lives. The “100 Mile Club” will allow participants to work toward their own goals of running or walking 100 miles during the school year with the use of pedometers. The grant writers will provide rewards and incentives along the way to help kids stay focused.

Backpack P.A.L.S. (Prompted Academic Learning Students)

Linda Landis - Lincoln Elementary: $1,452

Backpack P.A.L.S. is a way to encourage families to read together and allow students additional academic learning opportunities to write to a prompt while responding to a familiar story. Lincoln Elementary will use grant funding to put together backpacks for senior kindergarteners to take home, which include picture books with corresponding stuffed characters and writing prompts. Students will increase their academic skills and knowledge in writing and in literacy while reinforcing the home-school connection. 

Library for Eclectic Literacy in Whitman Orchestra

Lyda Osinga - Whitman Middle School: $1,350

Whitman Middle School will provide students with more opportunities to explore 21st century music by using grant funding to expand and diversify the library collection of music resources. Books with play-along CDs to explore eclectic styles of fiddling, rock, jazz, world music, and blues have been favorites of students; and by now having multiple copies available, all students will be able to check out the music to explore and practice at home. 

Ka-Boom, Crash, Wham, Pow! Creating Comic Books in the Classroom

Erin Gould - Tosa East High School: $1,749

Tosa East will be using grant funding to install the software program, Comic Life 3 on their computers. Tosa East High School students will be able to engage in cutting edge technology that will build and improve the common core reading and writing skills through digital graphic writing. Students will be able to create their own visual graphic or comic book related to the curriculum all while integrating technology, creating graphics, organizing a story, writing dialogue, and summarizing and identifying essential information.

Read to Learn: Informational Texts to Prompt Research and Inquiry

Angie Kolanko - Madison Elementary: $6,207

Madison Elementary School will invest in their students’ access to informational non-fiction texts with the use of grant funding. By increasing the quantity and quality of this type of text in classroom libraries throughout the school, students will have the opportunity to read to learn, build knowledge of topics, engage in the research and inquiry processes, and work on informative writing. 

Social Studies Comes Alive Through Print and Play

Michele Mushall - Eisenhower Elementary and Joel Marinan - Underwood Elementary: $1,784

To enhance the Senior Kindergarten TCI Social Studies Alive! Curriculum, grant funding will be used to purchase materials at both Eisenhower and Underwood schools to promote literacy skills and meaningful play-based learning. Related picture books, a variety of Block Play People Families accompanied with Kids Around the World Block People, Lego Community Sets, and Multicultural – Skin-colored Crayola Crayons will be used to address topics that include: Who Am I?,  How Do I Solve Problems with Others?Where Am I in the World?, and How Do People Live Around the World?.  By blending children’s literature, writing, and play-based learning into the social studies curriculum, students will gain a greater understanding of communication with others and a deeper appreciation of the world around them.

The Positive Playground

Corrine Meyer - Underwood Elementary: $506

Playground supplies/games along with literature selections that promote positive social skills, friendship building, and manners will be purchased with grant funding at Underwood Elementary. These materials will provide students with opportunities and activities that create positive playground behaviors that are part of the school’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention System). Not only will students be able to participate with others in noncompetitive games and activities while emphasizing skills in leadership, taking turns, and learning how to use conflict resolution, but they will also use the selection of accompanying literature to learn how to make connections in classroom discussions.

Wonderful World of Early Learning

Betsy Heun and Nancy Lovelace - Underwood Elementary: $1,874

In an effort to facilitate parent participation and enhance their confidence, build a bridge between parent and teacher, and focus on increasing the achievement of children, Underwood Elementary will use grant funding to provide family learning kits and workshops. This project will center on language, concept development, social skills, background knowledge for reading, critical thinking, and gross and motor skills for the Early Childhood and Junior Kindergarten programs.

Close Encounters

Whitman Middle School: $9,430

Informational literacy is needed for students to succeed in courses such as Social Studies and Science, but has not previously been a focus in these classes. Whitman Middle School will use the grant funds to teach informational literacy through a rich selection of books, which will motivate student learning. Once students have been taught some basic processes for working with informational texts, they will choose books from this nonfiction collection and work towards becoming more fluent at reading, identifying evidence to support a viewpoint or statement, and increasing their background knowledge on a variety of subjects. The expected result of this program is greater-than-typical reading growth for the age group. 

Transforming Collaborative Learning Through Technology

Washington Elementary: $9,945

In order give students the opportunity to interact and manipulate content, Washington Elementary is going to use grant funding to purchase touchscreen Chromebooks and Smart amp collaborative software, which will be shared among the fifth grade classes. This innovative technology will help to increase the number of students directly participating in the lesson from a single student participating at one time to all-student participation. In addition, teachers will be able to share the lesson with the entire class, monitor student progress with their mobile device, and provide students with immediate feedback.  The teacher can select and immediately project student work on the whiteboard in order to facilitate group discussions and deepen student understanding of content.

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