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EFW Grants for 2015= $69,784

25th Anniversary Grant: Wisconsin School Music Association Music Project in Performance

Wendy Traeger and Jennifer Lato - Tosa East & Tosa West High Schools, Longfellow & Whitman Middle Schools: $25,000

This EFW grant is geared towards over 1,500 Wauwatosa music students in grades 6-12. The goal is to expose a wide and diverse body of repertoire to study, rehearse, and perform across all of their performance ensembles. By utilizing SmartMusic software, which identifies areas where students should focus their attention in practice, and FINALE music notation software, students will hone their music preparation, collaboration, teamwork, and small group performance skills.  

Libro Detective: Promoting Literacy in the World Language Classroom

Gina Merino and Kristen Thimmesch - All District Elementary Spanish: $12,000

To promote literacy in Spanish language, this EFW grant allows elementary schools to offer books in Spanish to over 2,500 students in grades 1-5. This increased collection of books at each elementary school will help to develop skills in the areas of interpretation, reading comprehension, and independent reading. Increasing literacy skills in Spanish will have a positive effect on their English literacy skills.

Pathways to Fitness

Wendy Schmidt and Deb Sellers - All District Elementary Physical Education: $12,000

In an effort to address the ever increasing need to improve the fitness levels of the 3,300 Wauwatosa elementary students, this EFW grant would establish “fitness trails” at each elementary school. Fitness stations will be set up outdoors at each school so individuals can work on agility, coordination, reaction time, balance, speed, power, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. In addition two schools would serve as fitness hubs for the district and would have extra outdoor apparatus installed. While these fitness trails would be designed to support the established curriculum objectives for elementary school students, the trails could also provide staff, parents, and families in the community an opportunity to include physical fitness into their day.

Connected and Engaged with TI

Jeanine Berggruen - Tosa West High School: $7,590.00

This EFW grant will provide the Wauwatosa West math department with graphing calculators which could be used by 420 students in their math courses daily. Since not all students have access to this expensive technology, this assures all students equal access to this valuable tool which helps in solving problems, manipulating equations, and analyzing graphs and tables. Used in conjunction with the SmartBoard, these calculators aid teacher instruction and assessment as well as classroom discussion.

Wiz Kidz: Bringing Coding and Robotics to Middle School

Jae Henderson and Valerie Klika - Longfellow and Whitman Middle Schools: $6,000

Wiz Kidz promotes collaborative creativity utilizing technological tools to teach coding, computer programming, and robotic programming. This EFW grant will help this group of middle school students by enhancing the technology and software that is used in this program. The world of coding and robotics offers a wide variety of topics and appeals to diverse interests. The creativity, combined with technology, science, math, and the engineering design process are innately differentiated to expand learning for a diverse group of students.

Battle of the Books

Tracy Eccles - Longfellow Middle School: $2,600

Battle of the Books is a competitive reading program designed to motivate students to read books within and outside of their normal areas of interest. Using EFW grant funding, Longfellow Middle School will purchase books that range in reading levels and corresponding questions. They will encourage students of all reading abilities to take part as a way to improve literacy and to participate in group activities around reading.

My Learning Blog: Creating and Maintaining E-Portfolios in Kindergarten

Elizabeth Butryn & Jenny Odau - Madison Elementary: $2,412

Even the youngest of students need to establish the use of technology as part of the classroom routine. With this in mind, kindergarten students at Madison Elementary will maintain an electronic portfolio of their learning in an ongoing way. Using iPad minis, students will take photos of the work they complete in the classroom, post the photos of their work on the class blog, and write/record/post reflections about their work and learning. The e-portfolio will help students see their growth over time as well as challenge them to utilize high levels of metacognitive processing and critical thinking.

Text Talk in Kindergarten: Using Non-Fiction Picture Books to Read, Analyze, Ask, and Answer Questions

Hannah Wendlake & Michele Mushall - Eisenhower Elementary: $2,182.00

To supplement literacy, science, and social studies curriculums, this EFW grant will supply Eisenhower kindergarteners with a collection of picture books. Used in conjunction with an inquiry model, students will develop skills in making connections, making predictions, asking pertinent questions, investigating, drawing conclusions, expressing ideas, and reflecting on information.


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