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Congratulations to the newest grant winners

The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa has awarded grants totaling $60,623 to fund 16 projects in 2019-2020. Funded grants include the following:

  • Anatomy in Clay: The Mind Cannot Forget What the Hands Have Learnedsubmitted by Thomas Schneider and Patricia Koenen for use at East and West high schools. 
  • Timby Telecast – A Student News Broadcast submitted by Beth Kimmel, Jenny DiMeo and Andrew Pinn for use at Washington Elementary.
  • Riding for Focus submitted by Rebecca Kirchman and Rob Kalpinski for use at the Vel R. Phillips School.
  • Card Writing for Community Service submitted by Dean Heus and Dawn DiNicola at the Vel R. Phillips School.
  • Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles submitted by Nancy Duff and John Summers for use at Whitman and Longfellow Middle schools.
  • Mirrors for Musical Growth submitted by Kari Kraenzler for use at Whitman.
  • Celebrating Diversity Through Literature submitted by Jennifer Quella and Tracy Carus at Jefferson Elementary School.
  • Free Voluntary Reading in Spanish submitted by Jessica Talavera-Klabunde, Colleen Dardis, Emily Guse, and Anna Troy for use at Tosa East High School. at East
  • Cycle to Success submitted by Lenka Wendland for use at McKinley Elementary.
  • A new marimba requested by Peggy Paar for her classroom at Roosevelt Elementary.
  • Ready, Set, Regulate submitted by Corinne Meyer for use at Underwood Elementary.
  • Cultivating School Climate and Enhancing Learning Through the Magical
  • World of Harry Potter submitted by Susan Walczak and Melissa Adams for use at Wilson/WSTEM.
  • Engaging All Learners submitted by Sarah Myers for use at Longfellow.
  • Spring Artist in Residence submitted by Molly Brennan for use this spring East High.
  • Team Building STEM Integration submitted by Brian Kimmel and Joy Provan for use at Whitman.
  • The World is Not A Rectangle: Reading to Inspire Vision into all Students’ Lives submitted by Carolyn Curley, Michael Brock, and Tracy Carus for use at Underwood Elementary.


Congratulations to This Year's Grant Winners

Almost $71,000 in grant money award to Tosa teachers

The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa has awarded grants totaling $70,993 for the 2018-19 school year to fund the following 12 projects:

Let’s Read! Lisons! Lesen wir! Leemos! - $5,700. Whitman and Longfellow Middle Schools, Cindy Anderson and Laura Nemetz;

Creating Equitable Learning Experiences by Engaging All Students in STEM Learning and Opportunities - $7,553. Jefferson Elementary School, Nadine Whalen and Jennifer Schultz;

Mindfulness Through Music - $1,700. Eisenhower and Underwood Elementary Schools, Shannon Pahlicek;

Q-Ball - $2,820. McKinley Elementary School, Tracy Loechler and Paige Brown;

1,2,3 Math Exploration Through Purposeful Play - $2,900. Lincoln, Underwood and McKinley Elementary Schools, Sue Gaudynski and Elizabeth Poetsch;

Light the Lights: Enhancing the Student Experience in the Theatre Classroom & Beyond - $24,243. Wauwatosa West High School, Adam Steffan;

Jacob’s Ladder - $1,394. McKinley Elementary School, Mary Pawasarat and Amy Duchac; 

Bee Bop: Let’s Code - $6,611. McKinley Elementary School, Elizabeth Mottet and Steve Sperl;

Regulated and Ready to Learn - $2,996. Madison Elementary School, Brittany Moen;

Math Counts Literacy Library - $4,378. Lincoln, Eisenhower, Jefferson, Wilson, Madison, McKinley, Roosevelt, Underwood and Washington Elementary Schools, Linda Landis and Janette Wenzel;

Cultivating Student Success Through Mind and Motor Learning Experience - $2,973. Washington Elementary, Beth Kimmel and Mary McElwee; 

Changing the Face of Fitness - $7,725. Longfellow Middle School, Nancy Braidigan and Ed Raue.

Read more about these grants in the blog post at left. 

See the 2017-18 Guidelines, Rubric and Application Forms here.

EFW Grant History

Enriching the learning experience of students in the Wauwatosa School District is what the EFW has been doing since our first grants in 1992.

EFW grants help students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Over the years grants have been awarded in reading, writing, science, vocabulary, math, psychology, physics, geography, enironment, technology, critical thinking, creative problem solving, physical education, life skills, journalism, art, team-building, world language, music, engineering, and career counseling.

To date the EFW has awarded 360 grants worth almost $700,000 to Wauwatosa students who benefit daily. 

A more detailed description of each grant can be found by clicking on "Grant Details" below. 

2017 - 2018

7 Grants Awarded - $35,110 - Grant Details

2016 - 2017

9 Grants Awarded - $41,255 - Grant Details

2015 - 2016

8 Grants Awarded - $69,784 - Grant Details

2014 - 2015

10 Grants Awarded - $36,620 - Grant Details

2013 - 2014

13 Grants Awarded - $40,770 - Grant Details

2012 – 2013

16 Grants Awarded - $36,187 - Grant Details 

2011 - 2012

10 Grants Awarded - $31,004 - Grant Details

2010 - 2011

16 Grants Awarded - $33,000 - Grant Details