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Science Students Learn with Depth and Complexity

In order to differentiate in the classroom and offer opportunities for the struggling and accelerated learners, Donna Koeble of Washington Elementary is using a $490 EFW grant to add materials to enhance the Sangari science curriculum for 4th graders.

Instruments (barometer, weather station, wind vane, and Galileo Thermometer) are used during whole and small group instruction to connect real life experiences with simulations and applications. Physical specimens (rock and fossil samples) are used in whole group instruction so that more students can have hands-on discovery experiences. Games (Quizmo and bingo) reinforce content in science centers or small group/individual instruction.

This plan directly correlates with the district’s goal of adding rigor. To put it in geological terms: the students will be like the Grand Canyon, they learn with depth and complexity of a science area (canyon) rather than learning a breadth of science concepts (Colorado River).

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